I`ve just read a wonderful book Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull (founder of Pixar). The biggest surprise for me was that Ed actually created a 3d polygons technology by himself in 1970s, when computers barely appeared. He dreamed about animation since he was a 9 years old boy. But he didn`t want merely create an animation, he was obsessed to create the technology that will make animation a lot easier. Now it`s obvious that computers and animation are inseparable, but back then nobody took him serious in Disney and Hollywood. He failed again and again, only his passion for computers and animation brought us such a wonderful world of movies and cartoons. The only phrase I underlined for myself was: “But as challenging as that problem proved to be, it paled in comparison to the bigger, and eternal, impediment to our progress: the human resistance to change.” I underlined it because it so true in everyday life, people are afraid of changes, even if they are for better. The other thought that I took from this book is you have to find your passion and go for it, no matter what. Hope it was useful for you, let me know if you want me to share other books I read.


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